There is only the one who is.

The one who is has found no other.

The one who is knows itself as self-awareness.

It is aware as I am.

The one who is cannot assert "I am not."

The one who is exists as everything.

The one who is knows no beginning of existence.

It knows no end to existence.

The one who is knows only a timeless existence.

For there to be differences, there must be "this" and "that."

A distinction must be made.

Where there is no distinction, there is only awareness as I Am.

Love is not a distinction, love is the feeling of being.

There is no thinking, feeling, and being.

Love is always the case, it is merged into the awareness I Am.

The one who is dreams all "this" and "that" into being.

Within all of "this" and "that" is mere being as I Am.

The one who is knows-feels itself as Love, the feeling of being.

There is not the knowing I Am and the feeling Love, they are always merged, they are one.

The one who is dreams.

It has always dreamed. Dreaming is what it does.

The one who is performs no action, it is still.

The one who is, forever is and has always been. This is so because being is timeless.

Time is a repetition. Time is ticked off by the regular repetition of intervals.

There is no time without sharing the experience of the same repetition.

Without a common denominator, the same repeating event measuring the passage of time, there is no time.

The one who is knows no time, no beginning, no end.

The dreams of the one who is are now and forever. They have always existed in their infinite variety and they always will. They are forever and are never lost.

No dream ceases to be or to dream.

Dreams follow the constant shift of attention from "this" to "that."

Dreams are known by following attention as it ever wanders.

The one who is is the dream.

The one who is knows itself as love, and it loves the dream. It is love, and it is in love with the dream, which it is.

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-- Shane